A well-equipped toolbox is an essential that every home should for completing DIY jobs around the home. Whether you are an experienced DIYer or a complete beginner as long as you have the basic DIY tools to hand, you can always add to your toolkit as and when the need arises. We always advise that quality is better than quantity; buy the best quality tools you need to have on hand, such as screwdrivers, hammers and a wrench for example and pick up others as you go along.

From hanging a picture frame to putting together flat-pack furniture or taking on a major DIY project, here are the must-have tools everyone should own:

When thinking about purchasing a toolbox, factors to consider are sturdiness and that it has adequate capacity to store everything. Look for a box with compartments to help keep tools organised.



An absolute essential when working in tight, dark areas or when the power is off.

Utility knife
The must-have sharp knife to use for general cutting purposes and for precision cutting.

Tape Measure
Essential for providing accurate measurements, we suggest buying a retractable, lockable tape measure as they are the easiest to use.

Variety of nails and screws
Choose a good selection and number of general-purpose nails and screw, so you always have a good choice available when you need them. Use the compartments in your toolbox or separate containers to keep them all in an organised manner.

Mini Level
A vital piece of equipment when positioning fixtures and guide lines to ensure everything is level. Buy a smaller sized level so it can fit in your toolbox along with all you other DIY tool essentials.


Dust masks, safety glasses and work gloves
Dust masks are essential when sanding or sawing to prevent you from inhaling harmful substances. Safety glasses or goggles are vital for eye protection when working on any DIY project and we always recommend you invest in a good-quality pair of work gloves to protect your hands when handling building materials and using heavy tools.

Tape – PTFE (plumbers) and electrical
PTFE tape is a lightweight, thin tape that’s part of every plumber’s toolkit as it’s used to prevent leaks on threaded plumbing connections.
Electrical tape is an insulating tape used in many electrical tasks.

A selection of screwdrivers of different sizes and different varieties including flat-headed, cross-headed and Phillips-head to fit the various screws.

Whether you choose a locking or combination plier, this multipurpose gripping tool is perfect for holding, turning, or pulling out different types of nails, pipes and fixtures.

Start with a bevel-edged chisel as they are the most multipurpose type of chisel.

Cordless drill
A multipurpose, battery-powered drill and screwdriver can be used for a large number of tasks.

Claw hammer

This most versatile of hammers, a claw hammer can be used for driving in nails and levering them out.

Adjustable wrench
A wrench can be suitable for many tasks, as its jaws can be adjusted to fit nuts and bolts of various sizes.

Electrical detection screwdriver
While not an essential, we do find this a particularly useful tool, especially for the novice DIY’er. This combines a small slot-headed screwdriver with a power detector and has an indicator light located in its handle.

Cable, stud and pipe detector
This is a great tool for finding pipes, wires and studs behind walls or below surfaces.

Step stool
A sturdy step stool provides a good platform when you need additional help reaching hard to reach places.

Extension Cord
Vital if you need a power supply and are working in a hard to reach area or outside your home.

Portable workbench
An easy to use workstation that can be moved from area to area depending on where you are working around the home. Choose one that can be folded away for easy storage.

For further help and advice on purchasing your DIY tool essentials, please pop into your local Bunces Home Hardware store and speak with one of our knowledgeable team who will be only too happy to help.